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Secrets are no fun if you keep them to yourself. Ask me anything and I'll give you my honest opinion. Ask with caution. I may not always be nice.
Brooks gossip page

Anonymous - "Opinions on Asia Jasmine Lina Lane Ellie Melani and Caitie"

Asia: Look up perfection in the dictionary. You’ll see a picture of this girl next to it. She tries hard to make everyone feel like they fit in and I think that’s great. Four for you, Asia.

Jasmine: Done.

Lina: She seems like she’s got her head on straight and appears to be a very sophisticated young woman. She also has great taste in music. Another one of my favorites.

Lane: Done.

Ellie: Oh, Ellie, Ellie, Ellie. She’s adorable and I’m glad to see that she’s happy. It seems like her love life was pretty active before her current boyfriend but it’s nice to see that she’s slowed down a little.

Melani: She’s pretty but I’m not a fan so far. Once I get to know her a little better, I’ll let you know.

Caitie: Of course I love her. She’s Caitie fucking Lockhart. Who the fuck are you?

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Anonymous - "Opinions on Lane, Heather, Sam, Camille, and Jasmine?"

Lane: Lane is flawless in every sense of the word. She’s one of my favorite people at Brooks.

Heather: I can’t say I’ve seen enough of her to give an opinion. I’ll look out for her in the future.

Sam: Sam’s such a sweetheart and I wish him and Monica nothing but the best. They both deserve it.

Camille: Camille is my queen. She’s one of my favorite people here without contest and the fact that she’s leaving is utterly heartbreaking.

Jasmine: Her name’s been all over my ask box and I must say that I was entertained at first. Now? Not so much. Honey, make up your mind. Nobody likes a player.

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